Create Your Own Experience – Let Us Plan A Trip for YOU!

We would be happy to create an event for you! From getting your transportation to planning the food you will enjoy at your event…and organizing everything in between. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, we can plan it. With years of event planning experience, you are sure to enjoy the simplicity of planning an event when working with us. Every detail will be taken care of – we can get you there, plan your meals, reserve your tickets, and get you back home. For the smallest of groups to the largest of events, we can make it happen. So go ahead, leave the details to us and “Create Your Own” Elite Experience!

In case you need some encouraging, here are just some of the places we can take you:
-Sporting events
-Wineries / Breweries
-Theater events
-City Tours (Examples: NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, Niagara Falls, etc.)

We will arrange appropriate transportation to accommodate any size party.

Food & Beverage
Our sports trips are catered exclusively by Food & Fire BBQ ~ Taphouse.
However, we would be happy to arrange meals of your choosing for your customized trip.

We will arrange appropriate accommodations to fit any size party.